The Best Coffee Shops in Portsmouth

Coffee shops are wondrous things,  whether you’re there for a cup of your favourite brew or you just want to go out and relax somewhere with a chilled out atmosphere, there’s something for everyone. Here in Portsmouth, we’ve been gifted with a number of fantastic coffee shops, ranging from places that’ll serve you healthy cakes to places that’ll do you a great deal on your morning cup of Joe. Here’s our list of places you just can’t miss out on (in no particular order):

Southsea Coffee Co:

First up we have Southsea Coffee Co, full of plants and fantastic artwork on the walls, this place has a million options for you to choose from, with a rotating roster of delicious coffees each week and a host of snazzy lattes they’ll satiate your taste buds just right! What’s more, these guys offer up some absolutely delicious food, with options for all different diet preferences (that goes for their coffee too, lots of plant based alternatives on show here if that’s your thing).


Garage Lounge

The Garage Lounge oozes coolness, this place just looks effortlessly good and it’s popular with local students not just for its great coffee but it’s solid Breakfast and Brunch offerings (Brunch is Breakfast and Lunch combined, for when you’re wanting that satisfying breakfast food but you’ve slept in a little too late!).

The Harbour Coffee House

The new kid on the block! The Harbour Coffee house is new this year and already they’ve established themselves as a great spot on Portsmouth’s busy Commercial Road, the real trick with this place is to get down there in the morning, between 8 and 10AM, to snag yourself some half price coffee (weekdays only). Perfect for getting yourself a nice cup of coffee before you head into your first lecture for the day.


Cafe Coco

Cafe Coco is one of the University’s very own cafes, serving up all the usual coffee’s you might want alongside a whole host of great freshly made hot food. The best part about Coco is that you can rack up points on your University card, meaning later on you can spend those points and grab yourself some free food or drink, not too shabby for a student on a budget!


Canvas Coffee Shop

Just inside Portsmouth and Southsea Train Station, you’ll find Canvas Coffee Shop, an incredibly endearing little corner of the station serving up genuinely delicious proper coffee, you can choose from a few different coffee beans and their counter is always stocked with mouthwatering baked goods. This place is fantastic if you’re returning to Portsmouth from a trip out somewhere else or you’re waiting on your train, perhaps up to London (only 90 minutes away!). Not to mention, these guys have won awards for their coffee!