What Makes The University of Portsmouth Global?

Being ‘global’ is a pretty broad term, but essentially (for me as an international student), it means to appeal to countries and cultures from all across the world. To incorporate them, to celebrate them and to experience them.

The University of Portsmouth is on the south coast, and when students are asked what drew them to Portsmouth, one of the most frequent answers was “its location”. How does its location affect whether it’s a global university though? Well, for starters Portsmouth is one of the largest ports in the UK, meaning the city welcomes people from all across the world by default! It has regular ferry crossings to France and Spain which connects the city to Europe. What’s more however, the city is located just a couple of hours from London, the cultural and global hub of the UK.

The University of Portsmouth makes it easy to tap into a sense of global community and here are some of the main reasons why:


  • International Community

There are around 23,000 students at the University of Portsmouth with 16% of this population being international students from 120 different countries. In the 346 courses offered at the university, you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of international students and lecturers from all around the world studying different degrees and at different levels.

Knowing that someone from your country studies or studied here can help you as an international student, it means that there may be people there you’ll be able to relate to as soon as you arrive, helping with the stress when you first arrive here. Equally so, the huge diversity of nationality provides tremendous opportunity to make new and exciting friendships with people from cultures and identities you may have never experienced before!



The University of Portsmouth makes a point of hosting international events from different cultures to celebrate the uniqueness of each culture and to encourage students to mingle with one another.

Several social events peculiar to each culture are showcased throughout the year, like Halloween, the Chinese New Year and even theatre productions like Dua Dunia presented by the University of Portsmouth Malaysian Society.

Moreover, there is the Festival of Cultures which gives students the opportunity to share their culture through performances and exhibition of their food, costumes and tradition. This is run within our Global Month!



The University of Portsmouth has been known to support its students who are interested in setting up a business or seeking employment overseas. They provide support to international students seeking training and advice relating to business and other employment opportunities within the university and beyond. For most of you coming here, you’re looking towards pursuing a career and the university can help you so much with this. The support offered by the university provides a lot of help in direction and the steps you might need to take. In addition to these, there are a lot more reasons which may explain why students from all over the world would choose to make University of Portsmouth one of their top choices.



  • Supportive local community

Charities like Friends International who help welcome international students by providing available housing with host families and also run weekly events like International Café to help students make new friends, run trips to local areas, and experience additional cultures. The university also supports HOST UK which encourages you to travel the UK and stay with a British family who take you into their home and show you the real British way.


By Rubie Targema-Takema and Franceli Lora Blanco