My Top 4 Places to Visit In Portsmouth

When I first arrived in Portsmouth, it took me a while to discover the great places around the city. Now I am in my third year I know where to hang out and I have compiled a list of some of my favourites so new students can find them quicker.


  1. Garage Lounge

I cannot thank the person who recommended this venue enough. Garage Lounge is a café that stays open until 11pm. Cafés in the UK usually close at around 5.30pm. A later closing time is brilliant for a student who doesn’t really find the idea of clubbing or drinking all that appealing.

This place is a wonderful hangout spot if you prefer a calmer evening. There are plug sockets for laptops, WiFi is available, and everything I have tried from the menu has been delicious (pancakes, caramel milkshakes and velvet cakes included). It’s a great choice if you want a really good British cup of tea served in teapots and cute cups and I found the milkshakes are especially wonderful because they are thick, American style, and not all melted!


  1. Southsea Common and Seafront

Southsea Common (a huge wide open stretch of grass) is one of my favourite places to be in Portsmouth because it’s SO green and is one hop away from the beautiful seafront. There’s monuments, a selection of seaside cafés, and even a castle close by, making it a worthwhile destination for any afternoon activities.


  1. Southsea Rock Gardens

A true hidden gem, Southsea Rock Gardens is not far from the Pyramid Centre near the seafront, and it is very easily overlooked. While it’s calm and pretty in the winter, it is even more beautiful in late spring/early summer when all of the flowers surrounding the ponds and benches are in bloom, and it’s a perfect place to sit and read, or soak up some sunshine.

The Rock Garden in the 1960s, it’s still just as pretty!

  1. The Canteen (Old Portsmouth)

One of the previously mentioned seaside cafés is The Canteen, not far from the Hotwalls Studios overlooking the seafront. This is a charming coffee shop with tables outside that overlook the sea which are close enough to be splashed by the waves when the tide comes in! Their hot chocolates are spared no topping, and everyone is super friendly.


Have I missed some of your favourite places in Portsmouth? If so let us know in the comments below!


By Madeleine Hagan