What is it like being an International Student studying Biomedical Science?

Biomedical Science (BMS) is part of the Biomedical Science and Pharmacology School at the University of Portsmouth. It has around 50 students in a year group, and is a relatively small course compared to other courses at the uni.

There are only a few international students who study Biomedical Science but the staff and students make us feel at home. The biggest challenge I have encountered is the language barrier with scientific words. I recommend using books and googling the words as much as you can.

I personally love studying Biomedical Science, I have made English friends who make me feel the same as everyone else. As the course has a small group of students, we know each other very well and we hang out together at the Union or cafes in-between lectures.

There is also a Biomedical Science Society that I recommend joining because there are lots of events to attend that bring together all 3 years of students from the course – a great chance to exchange experience and get advice.

I have discovered that there isn’t much difference between being an international student from a different background and being a home student. I feel like I am in one big family where we all care about each other and want the best for each other. It’s great!