Travelling Around Portsmouth

You’ve arrived in the gorgeous city of Portsmouth, fresh and ready to start on your new course here at the university.

How are you gonna get around this fabulous island?

This guide aims to arm you with all the knowledge you need to travel smart.

Option One: Just plain old walking

Hear us out here, we’re not joking honestly! Portsmouth & Southsea are fantastic areas for simply walking to your destination. The southern part of the island that contains both the city proper and Southsea is almost entirely flat and all major destinations are at most a half an hour walk from any given place.

If you’re travelling further north in the island, walking starts to become a less appealing prospect, the city being far less dense toward Hilsea.

Option Two: Cycling

As previously mentioned, Portsmouth is pretty darn flat which makes it great for cycling. You can zip about the place with no fear of a mild incline, a pleasure afforded to few in this life. Alongside the flatness, Portsmouth also has bicycle lanes along most roads, making it  easy to get around.

Getting a reasonable bike isn’t too expensive in the UK  so getting started  isn’t much of a hurdle. Just ensure you use the proper equipment alongside your cycling which should consist, at minimum, of a helmet and proper lights for your bicycle.

Option Three: Buses (and a brief mention of the trains)

Portsmouth has a wealth of bus stops on most roads, a quick look at Google Maps on your phone can tell you which bus to catch and when for your destination. Prices are reasonable, though for very short trips certainly not worth it. To see bus timetables for the Portsmouth area look here and here.

Portsmouth has three main train stations, Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth & Southsea and Fratton. Getting between each of these stations is pretty cheap in terms of tickets, often just a pound or two to get from Fratton to Portsmouth Harbour. Certainly worth keeping the trains in mind, especially if you in the northern part of the Island and wish to commute down to the city (Hilsea station would be perfect for this).

Option Four: Taxis

The last option that we’re suggesting here is the ‘ol English Cab. Portsmouth has two main taxi companies that are useful for students: Aqua and Citywide. You can hire a car to get you from A to B at a reasonable price from those companies. We wouldn’t recommend getting yourself a taxi from a taxi rank as they charge on a meter that can often be quite expensive.

An alternative is to utilise Uber which has recently been introduced in Portsmouth. Simply download the Uber app (AndroidApple) and you can order your taxi right from your smartphone, it’s very intuitive and if it’s not at peak times it can be very affordable. The app also has the functionality to split the bill between friends, which is incredibly useful if you’re in a group!

That concludes our transport roundup, hopefully you’re now ready to explore our amazing city!